What is a Zoning Code and how are they used?

Zoning codes are responsible for determining if a project fits into a community.  Zoning regulates types of uses, heights, parking, and design. Most cities are divided into zooming districts with a set of regulations governing each area. Zoning Code is oriented toward how a project fits into a community:  it regulates setbacks, types of uses, height, parking requirements, design (for some types of projects) and similar concerns. The City is divided into zoning districts and each zoning district will have its own set of regulations.  For example, the regulations that would apply in a single family residential district (R-1) will be different than those for a multi-family (R-3 or R-4) or commercial district.  When a separate Zoning Permit is required for a new development, the City will generally require that an application be accompanied by site and building plans (including preliminary architecture).

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