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Storefront and Streetscape Improvement Program Application

  1. Relationship Between the Applicant & the Storefront and/or Streetscape:
  2. If expiration date less than 2 years, do you intend to renew?
  3. Are all of the business's local, state and federal taxes paid up-to-date? (If no, provide an explanation.)
  4. Does the business have any outstanding City of Windcrest code violations and/or fines? (If yes, provide an explanation.)
  5. Please include the following information with your application:
    1. If the Applicant is a business tenant, letter of permission from the property owner to participate in the Storefront and Streetscape Improvement Program. Letters should include the expiration date of the current lease.
    2. Color photographs of existing conditions with description of what is represented in each photograph prior to making the proposed improvements.
    3. Written statement of the project scope and why improvements are needed. Provide as much detail as possible, including what you are changing or replacing, type of new materials to be used, color, and location on building, among other details.
    4. Architectural drawings and/or renderings of the improvements, reflecting placement, materials, and colors to be used. Some minor projects may only require pictures of materials.
    5. A copy of bids from at least two different contractors plus an additional bid if Applicant is a licensed contractor and plans to do the work.
  6. By affixing your signature the Applicant acknowledges they have read and agreed to the Windcrest Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Storefront and Streetscape Improvement Program Guidelines and General Conditions.The Applicant understands that this application and its contents shall be binding on the Applicant at the discretion of the WEDC. Applicant understands that all grants are awarded on rebate basis after all work has been certified completed by the Windcrest Economic Development Corporation. Applicant understands that his/her project will be evaluated and recommendations made as to scope of work to be included in the Storefront and Streetscape Improvement Program. Applicant understands that submittal of this application in no way guarantees him/her a grant from the Windcrest Economic Development Corporation. Applicant understands that additional information may be requested as needed. The Windcrest Economic Development Corporation reserves the right to reject any and all applications at its sole discretion.

    It is expressly understood that work commenced or completed prior to the final approval of the grant is ineligible for funding. The Applicant is solely responsible for overseeing the work and will not seek to hold the City of Windcrest or the Windcrest Economic Development Corporation liable for any property damage, personal injury, or other loss related to the Storefront and Streetscape Improvement Program. The Applicant agrees to indemnify the City of Windcrest and Windcrest Economic Development Corporation and/or their agents, employees, officers and/or directors from any claims or damages resulting from the project, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

    If property is owned by a corporation, partnership, or joint venture, an individual legally authorized to represent the entity must sign below on behalf of the entity.

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