Windcrest has the advantage of a strong education base in and around San Antonio to equip its workforce with the leadership skills and hands-on training local businesses need. There are 15 colleges and universities within a 50-mile radius of Windcrest, many of which offer workforce training programs for specific occupations. 25,000 students graduate from these institutions every year. 

Primary Education

Parents with grade school and high school children also have plenty of options for a comprehensive education for their children. Windcrest is in the North East Independent School District. Windcrest Elementary School, Ed White Middle School, and Roosevelt High School are all nearby and great for families. Private education options are also abundant in San Antonio.

Higher Education

Nearby public and private universities include:  


San Antonio is home to the Alamo colleges, 5 community colleges that make higher education accessible through affordable degree plans that transfer to other institutions. These colleges swell the workforce with intelligent workers who might not otherwise be able to achieve their potential. 

Another resource students and businesses have is Workforce Solutions Alamo, a partner of the American Job Center Network. This career center serves 13 local counties and provides child care services, labor market solutions, and invaluable assistance to job seekers. Workforce Solutions Alamo also helps employers save money, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge through no-cost recruitment services, on-the-job and customized training, and much more. Learn more through the Workforce Solutions Alamo website.

Post-College Opportunities

A main reason San Antonio’s economic forecast is so strong is the presence of multiple institutions of higher education. San Antonio’s colleges and universities provide top-tier training for some of the fastest growing industry sectors in the world. UTSA, the top ranked school in the nation for cyber security, supports businesses all over San Antonio with thousands of graduates trained in over 250 graduate and undergraduate programs ranging from biomedicine to sustainable energy to engineering. Education in these critical fields of IT security, scientific research, and technology are all provided by local universities and prepare local businesses to thrive in the challenges of the future.  

All of this adds up to a professional, diverse, and highly trained workforce that’s always growing and ready to work for your organization.