Location & Climate



Not only is Windcrest in the best state for business, it’s also in the fastest growing region of that state. At the foot of the Texas I-35 Innovation Corridor, Windcrest kicks off a 74-mile strip between San Antonio and Austin that is the seat of the most rapid job and population growth in the nation.


The area represents low housing prices, an expanding tech community, and major institutes of higher education. San Antonio itself has expanded its job base by 44% since 2000. It represents the less congested and expensive alternative to Austin with greater inroads in the cyber security, aerospace, and financial sectors. San Antonio is also the envy of other Texas cities due to its considerable military connections that bring world-class health systems, technological innovations, and thousands of jobs. 

Texas, the 10th largest economy in the world, leads the country in job creation, adding 2.1 million jobs every year for its skilled workforce of over 13 million people. Texas is also the nation’s number one exporter, shipping out $264 billion in goods all over the world. With no corporate or individual income tax and as the home of 50 Fortune 500 companies, Texas is a top business destination that’s growing every day. Ranking high on nearly every “best states to do business list” for its quality of life, low taxes, skilled workforce, and excellent infrastructure, Texas is going places, and Windcrest puts your business in the middle of all the action. 


Windcrest is centrally located in the U.S. and in Texas along major highways and has 2 airports close by to accommodate business support from anywhere in the country. Windcrest is also just 150 miles from Mexico and within 250 miles of 11 deep-water ports on the Texas coast for out-of-state business needs.


Windcrest’s excellent location at the intersection of 2 major highways, I-410 and I-35, gives local businesses strategic advantages and conveniences. Additional location benefits include low housing prices, consistent population growth, major universities, an expansive health system, and the growing tech community of San Antonio. Windcrest also affords residents abundant urban attractions fused with the lively culture of San Antonio. 

Distance to Major Cities 

  • Austin -  69 miles 
  • Corpus Christi - 150 miles
  • Houston - 196 miles  
  • Dallas - 264 miles 
  • Fort Worth - 258 miles 


Characterized by mild winters and hot summers, Windcrest offers the beauty of all four seasons while maintaining the temperate comfort of San Antonio weather. The summers reach the mid-nineties and the winters can drop below freezing. The sun shines 300 days a year on average, which means very few workday disruptions, uninterrupted construction, and good customer turnouts. Rainfall is highly variable in Windcrest, but there is an average of 30 inches a year, mostly occurring in the late spring or early fall.  

Near the western edge of the humid subtropical climate zone, Windcrest can have temperatures that vary between dry and humid depending on the streams from the Gulf of Mexico.  

San Antonio is often described as “the place where sunshine spends the winter.”