Electricity & Natural Gas

Data centers that typically have high power demands are known to come to Windcrest/San Antonio because of the advantages in cost and availability of power. 

CPS Energy


CPS Energy, the nation’s largest municipally owned, vertically integrated utility provider, supplies Windcrest with electricity and natural gas services. CPS Energy has been serving San Antonio and its surrounding communities for over 75 years, including over 820,000 electricity customers and over 345,000 natural gas customers.  

Keeping up with utility demands during Texas summers is no small task. But CPS has a tried and true record of meeting San Antonio’s energy needs thanks to its diverse power generation that includes coal, natural gas, nuclear, solar, and wind energy. Their highly reliable power plants also have a considerable reserve capacity and CPS consistently adds more companies to their energy-saving demand response reduction program. Sound planning and operational excellence contribute to their ability to provide dependable service and affordable energy. 

Especially for commercial customers, CPS offers programs like the Commercial Solutions program to help identify energy-saving opportunities and provide resources and incentives for energy-efficient upgrades. All this comes together to mean the lowest rates around that save money for Windcrest businesses. Please visit the CPS Energy website for more information.  

Electric Reliability Council of Texas

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), is a stable, efficient, and independent power grid for Texas businesses and consumers. ERCOT provides power for 90% of Texans and yet maintains a strong power reserve through highly reliable natural gas, coal, and nuclear plants as well as the renewable energy sources of wind and solar. As an independent agency, ERCOT is not subject to federal regulation and operates more efficiently.


BCWCID-logo-1The Bexar County Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) Number 10 belongs to Windcrest and has supplied us with reliable water and sewer services since 1955. Rebates are available for businesses that install water conserving plumbing fixtures. They can pump up to 4.6 million gallons a day from their sole source for pure water, Edward’s Aquifer. For more information, visit Bexar County WCID Number 10.


AT&T, Spectrum, and Grande Communications are the major providers of phone, cable, Internet, and telephone services in Windcrest.  

AT&T  att_globe_horizontal.jpg.thumb.319.319

AT&T is a worldwide provider of communications and digital entertainment to millions of consumers and 3 million companies of all sizes. They position themselves at the forefront of innovation to provide high-speed, reliable, and diverse communications solutions. Learn more from AT&T's Small Business website

Spectrum Business Spectrum_Logo_RGB

Spectrum Business is known for its industry-leading products that maintain an affordable price with bundle deals. Their products include:

  • Backup
  • Internet and Wi-Fi
  • Phone
  • Security
  • TV

All of these services require no contracts and have reliable connectivity. Learn more from the Spectrum Business website.

Grande Communications


Grande Communications, a Texas-based broadband communications company, offers the full suite of communications solutions for businesses. Grande’s high-capacity fiber optic network and early roll out savings come together to provide better value and flexibility to their customers. Please visit the Grande Communications website for additional information.

Additional Information

For more information on our utilities, please visit our City website.