Tax Structure (Sales & Property)

With no personal state income tax, Texas offers one of the most attractive tax climates in the nation. The existing franchise tax has been drastically cut over the last 5 years. The resulting relief on Texas businesses has buoyed the Texas economy as businesses focus on growing their workforce and improving their bottom line.   

Tax benefits and incentives are abundant in Texas and San Antonio. There are sales tax exemptions for manufacturing machinery, R&D software and equipment, and solar energy devices. Windcrest can also offer tax abatements, sales tax rebates, and tax increment financing. All of this is in addition to already comparatively low taxes and cost of living. More information on state taxes can be found at the Business in Texas website.

Property Tax 

All property taxes due to the city of Windcrest are billed and collected by the Bexar County Tax Office. The approved property tax rate for 2021 is $0.409494 per $100 of property value.  

For more information, please visit us at the City of Windcrest website.

For more information regarding the taxing entities for a specific site or property, contact the Bexar County Appraisal District’s website.

Sales Tax 

The city of Windcrest collects 2 cents local sales tax and 6.25 cents State sales tax for each dollar spent on all taxable purchases; for a total sales tax of 8.25 cents.