Why Windcrest

Located in an urban hub just 11 miles northeast of booming downtown San Antonio, Windcrest has been consistently growing in terms of population, infrastructure, and businesses for over 20 years. The “City of Lights” also provides competitive incentives, (link to incentives page) a highly skilled workforce, and the strategic location advantages of San Antonio for any business looking to grow.

Windcrest offers all the excitement and advantages of a big city without sacrificing the familiarity and comfort of a small town, and the future of our city is as bright as the lights we famously display. Come join the most vibrant city in Texas, “The City of Windcrest.” 

We invite you to learn more by exploring the Community Profile and Doing Business pages.

A red arrow pointing to Windcrest’s location on a map of the San-Antonio-Austin-CorridorInnovation Corridor & San Antonio

Windcrest kicks off the Innovation Corridor between San Antonio and Austin, a sprawling 74-mile strip of the most rapidly expanding counties in the nation thanks to capital investment, population growth, low housing prices, and remarkable job creation, especially in the tech industry. As San Antonio’s doorway to these opportunities, Windcrest is strongly connected to the growth taking place here. 

San Antonio is projected to add 1.1 million more residents by 2040, which will enhance Windcrest’s skilled workforce of professionals younger than the U.S. national average. Our workforce is swelled with thousands of educated graduates from 15 area colleges and universities every year. And with total retail sales per capita of $19,576, 45% higher than the U.S., Windcrest offers an unmatched pro-business environment dedicated to economic growth. Household income in Windcrest sits at $75,972, 32% higher than the national medium. Add to this a cost of living 13 points below the national average, affordable land, low taxes, and abundant power, and you can see why we’re so excited to invite you to the incredible opportunities in Windcrest.

Military Presence

Along with being known for its rich culture, food, art, and history, San Antonio is inseparable from its military identity. The three major military bases in San Antonio have brought premier medical facilities, leading scientific research, and a strengthened economy to the Windcrest area. Randolph Air Force base, Fort Sam Houston, and the Military Medical Center are all near Windcrest. There is also a significant retired military presence in Windcrest that brings stability. The Army Residence Community is just a few miles away from Windcrest and serves 750 retired career officers. 

Major Employers

Because of these strong economic prospects and location benefits, Windcrest has attracted a variety of businesses big and small, including the headquarters of the world’s leading internet-hosting company, Rackspace.

Fire & Police Departments

Windcrest has an exceptional volunteer fire department and a dedicated police force that keep our residents and businesses safe.