There are many reasons the Windcrest community is naturally positioned to be an attractive hotbed of economic growth. Our strategic location at the beginning of the booming I-35 Innovation Corridor and proximity to other key interstate highways give us access to quality infrastructure all businesses need. And being just 11 miles from downtown San Antonio, the 7th largest city in the nation with a skilled workforce of over a million, certainly helps.  

As a city initiate our own catalysts for growth that create opportunities for local businesses to thrive. Our hassle-free regulatory and quick permitting process makes your business move here as easy as possible. We think you’ll agree business is easier and better in Windcrest.

Storefront Grant

The Windcrest Economic Development Committee (EDC) offers a Storefront Grant of up to $9,999 on a matching basis to local businesses towards enhancing the aesthetics and marketability of their storefront.  

Bexar County Skills Development Fund

Because the availability of skilled labor is critical to economic development, the Bexar County Skills Development Fund grants funding for tailored job training to ensure your new employees have the skills the position requires.

Windcrest also has 15 colleges and universities within a 50-mile radius that provide a stable and educated workforce with skills honed to your specific industry via workforce programs at several of those colleges.

Texas State Enterprise Fund

All of this is supplemented by the Texas State Enterprise Fund, a financial incentive offered by the state of Texas for companies considering new projects or expansions in Texas when they have at least one other viable out-of-state option.

Incentive Packages

Our specific incentive packages are awarded on a case-by-case basis and can include: 

  • Chapter 380
  • Sales tax rebates 
  • Tax abatements 
  • Tax increment financing 

Criteria Considerations

We consider the following criteria for our incentive packages: 

  • Average wage and the gross annual payroll generated
  • Capital investment
  • Job creation
  • New property tax generated
  • New sales tax generated