Storefront Grant

As a part of Windcrest’s partnership with local businesses, the city is pleased to offer qualifying owners assistance in improving their business’s marketability and perception by offering a grant towards the enhancement of their storefront and streetscape. This program is for commercial property and/or business owners in Windcrest who want to revitalize their store and improve their customer’s experience.

A 50% matching grant of up to a maximum of $9,999 per building is available on a matching basis to fund well-designed improvements of a Windcrest storefront. This grant is meant to encourage private investment and stimulate quality retail development and the overall business environment. Eligibility is subject to approval by the Windcrest Economic Development Committee.

Refer to the Storefront and Streetscape Grant Guidelines, then fill out the application form below.


Complete the online Storefront and Streetscape Improvement Program Application.